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She started vlogging in 2018 through her self titled YouTube channel ‘Saranya Nandakumar’ where she covers topics such as - fashion videos, beauty and makeup tips, lifestyle and travel vlogs, among others. She started her channel aimed at college going young women, to provide them with tips and hacks, without breaking the bank. She shares tips on how to style the same outfit in different ways, how to effortlessly do makeup and what fashion mistakes not to make. With an affinity for fashion combined with her smart, talkative persona makes all her videos fun to watch and learn. 

Not just about fashion and beauty, Saranya is also passionate about travel. She does travel vlogs on her channel as well, covering the places she has travelled to and her hometown as well.

Being camera friendly ever since she was a child was a definite plus point. However, the magnitude of knowledge and dedication required for being a YouTuber was not something she had fathomed until she started out. Hard work and diligence helped her grow into the successful young vlogger she is today.

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