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Ever since childhood, Prasanth has been interested in vehicles and transportation; and out of which, there is a special place in his heart for airplanes. This interest translated onto his YouTube channel as well where he features videos on history of airlines, features of world famous aircrafts, famous airports, so on and so forth. Not just flight related videos, Prasanth’s love for travelling and transportation can also be understood from the sheer variety of such related videos on his channel. He also showcases videos related to technology, food, product reviews as well as lifestyle vlogs.

The role played by popular YouTuber Sujith Bhakthan of Tech Travel Eat fame was instrumental in Prasanth’s entry into YouTube. Meeting Sujith was a breakthrough of sorts in Prasanth’s life because only with his help and support, Prasanth was motivated to start his vlog. Combining his passion for the transportation industry with the idea of doing something different from other YouTubers resulted in the aviation, travel, automotive inspired channel that we see today.

In addition to being a YouTuber, Prasanth Paravoor is also an avid writer, whose roots lie in blogging and content writing. 

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