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Manu started posting videos on his channel, erstwhile known as ‘Tech Travellight’  in 2016 while he was working in the Gulf in various airports; for that matter his initial videos were all about the aviation sector and a smattering of travelogues in between. After he shifted back to his hometown, Manu wanted to do something different on his YouTube channel, to stand out from the usual horde of travel channels out there. He did not need to look beyond his own village for inspiration - he decided to showcase the views and life in his village itself and that is how ‘Village Real Life’ as we know now was born.

His breakthrough point of sorts was when he posted videos on toddy tapping, which gave a jumpstart to his channel to the limelight. From tens of thousands of views he catapulted to his first million views on his channel. In addition to various toddy tapping videos, now we can find videos related to many organic production processes such as rubber tapping, churning butter, milking camels, making coconut oil, chocolate, milk powder at home, etc

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