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Sherinz Vlog is one of the most loved travel vlogs in Kerala, especially for his fellow Kochiites. When he started out, he never had any expectations as to where his channel would take him. Even so, he continued to upload videos regularly, covering places he has travelled to, food he has tasted along with facts and features of the city of Kochi. What attracted viewers to his channel is undoubtedly his easy, unpretentious way of talking and self-effacing approach in introducing new places and food joints to us.

One of his most famous vlog series has to be ‘Kochiyil Thera Para - Bicycle Travel Video Series’ where he roams around Kochi in his cycle and showcases to the viewers famous landmarks, celebrities’ houses and must visit hangout spots in the city. His fame rose exponentially with this series which he undertook in the midst of the COVID pandemic. He was in the middle of his All Kerala Trip series when the COVID pandemic struck, forcing him to pause his trip for the time being. Being at home gave him the idea of starting a travel series on his bicycle and that is how ‘Kochiyil Thera Para’ was born.

Sherin has recently started a second YouTube channel named ‘Sherinz Food Story’ out of his love for good food, fully dedicated to exploring the best food places in the State.

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