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Being in front of the camera comes naturally to Abhijith, who is an Animation and Graphics Major. Coupled with a taste for movies and inspired by the words of a friend, Abhijith quit his post graduation studies to enter into the field of vlogging in 2015 and has not looked back since. 

His most popular channel would be ‘Abhijith Vlogger’, through which he posts movie reviews in Malayalam. This is his most subscribed channel as well and his reviews are 

Similar to it is his other channel ‘CineSpot’, which caters to movie lovers, and showcases cinema news, movie bucket lists, trailers etc. The success of ‘CineSpot’ had prompted him to develop and release an app with the same name which has also become a huge hit with cinema lovers in Kerala. 

His third channel ‘Mr Psycho’ is an entertainment vlog centering around his life, travels, family moments as well as a few fun experiments/challenges; the seemingly dangerous yet funny challenges undertaken by him eventually earned him the tag ‘Psycho’, which became the inspiration behind naming his channel as such. 

Running three YouTube channels is his bread and butter. Nevertheless, he also does video editing and graphic designing on the side.






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