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Ever since she was a child, music has been a passion of hers. This brought her to the reality TV show Naaleyude Vaanambadikal on Jeevan TV, from where she tasted the first drops of fame. It was film artist Chippy who saw her performance on the show and offered a role on Nokkethadoorathu, a TV serial on Asianet. From then on Dr Divya’s career as an artist grew and she bagged roles in many serials and movies as well.

She took a brief hiatus to focus on her marriage and motherhood but made a strong comeback soon after through another TV serial on Asianet. She went on to act in a handful of other serials in multiple TV channels and was also anchoring shows on various television channels and giving dance performances.

She does not intend to pursue acting full-time by keeping her hard earned profession aside. Rather she has struck the perfect chord of balance between passion and profession, which very few are able to do - 15 days of the month she will be available at her clinic and the remaining 15 days will be dedicated to her acting commitments. What is commendable is that Dr Divya manages to do all these and more, all the while being engaged full time as the mother of two young children as well.

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