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His foray into the world of vlogging in 2019 was premeditated to an extent; back during 2011-2012 with the boom of YouTube vloggers around the world and in India, the idea of doing something similar in Malayalam germinated in Akhil’s mind. But as he was focused on furthering his career at that point, starting a YouTube channel was put off for the time being. He eventually relocated to Dubai in pursuit of his career and then on to Abu Dhabi. It was while living in Abu Dhabi, with time in his hands like never before, that his interest in YouTube was rekindled. Extensive travelling coupled with a penchant for everything in the automotive industry prompted him to start Mallu Explorer - a travel, automotive and lifestyle channel.

What he wanted to gain from starting a YouTube channel - meeting new people, hanging out with like minded people, exploring travel and the like - has been ruling his life now; and Akhil is not complaining. Keeping the mallu quotient high in the Gulf, Mallu Explorer has caught the attention of Malayalis not just therein, but here in Kerala too his fanbase is growing and how.

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