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Roshen’s life changed when he came to Kochi to pursue his bachelor's degree in Airline and Airport Management. He started a YouTube channel named ‘Roshens Vlog’ in 2018 with videos that mostly covered his travelogues and facts about places. For nearly two years he regularly posted such vlogs from his extensive travels and trips covering all over India and beyond. Another peculiarity of his travelogues is how he promotes budget travel and shows us how we don’t need to break our backs to travel to different places. In addition to travelling, he has an affinity for historical artifacts and excavations as well, which can also be seen from his channel. His travel vlogs have a faithful following, mostly from the younger demographic.

Ever since he started introducing his younger siblings Rashi and Zaiba on his vlog, he was able to garner an unprecedented and expansive reach among Malayali households. The antics and shenanigans of Roshan, Rashi and Zaiba and the pranks that they pull on each other has a separate fanbase of its own. Their wild popularity is evidenced by the growth of Roshen’s channel in how quickly he attained 1 million subscribers. This motivated them to start separate YouTube channels for Zaiba and Rashi too, named ‘Super Zaiba’ and ‘Le Rashi’ respectively.

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