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Ever since her school days Nimmy Arungopan has been passionate about getting in front of the camera. She had done a few anchoring gigs in school but could not pursue it further. After graduating, she started her career as an HR executive in Bangalore. She relocated to Kerala and continued to work in the HR field for a couple more years, but eventually left her 9-5 job to rekindle her passion for anchoring. She shot to fame after landing an anchoring gig with the Malayalam channel ‘Surya Music’, which helped her gain immense popularity to who she has become today. The secret behind her success could be attributed to her ever-positive attitude and beaming smile, coupled with her charming personality. 

She has been active on social media ever since her anchoring days and enjoys a loyal following on her social media handles. Being inspired from the travel and lifestyle vlogs of her favourite YouTubers, she also stepped into the world of vlogging around 2018, purely out of sheer interest. She struck gold and gained YouTube fame overnight and is now one of the most popular vloggers among young women in Kerala
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