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Ever since his school days, Karthik Surya always wanted to be a self-made entrepreneur. And to pursue that dream, he did his graduation and post graduation in Business Administration and even went on to start an exporting company - ‘Sumoka International’ with his father, which mainly deals in carpet exports. While managing the business, he started blogging on the side, which eventually evolved to a YouTube vlog named ‘Karthik Surya Vlogs’ in 2017, inspired by famous ex-YouTuber Casey Neistat. 

To say that his YouTube journey changed the course of his life would be an understatement. Karthik Surya’s recipe for success could be attributed to his affable yet power packed personality combined with the variety of content on his channel and an equally dynamic team of friends. No surprises that he bagged the award for ‘Most Entertaining Malayalam YouTuber’ in the AWIDAY Awards 2020.

His ability to elevate any normal situation into a pure dose of entertainment is undoubtedly his USP and also the reason why he has managed to gain millions of fans.

For business enquiries and marketing collaborations with Karthik Surya, please contact us by +91 94966 61889.





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