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The story of Salu Kitchen is not that of an overnight sensation. They did not create a rumble right away; rather, like fine wine Salu Kitchen acquired a distinct taste and patronage over time and carved a niche of their own in the foodie community. 

When Sameera started cooking, it was out of necessity rather than an inherent interest. Being mocked for her lack of knowledge in the area strengthened her resolve to learn the art of cooking. In a bid to prove herself, she learned from everyone around her and gained tremendous knowledge on different recipes and cuisines, thanks to the experience from living in different places and countries over the years. Sameera’s palate had grown extensively, which has helped immensely in building their channel up. 

From Porotta to Kunafa and Bread Pudding to Pasta, their content covers a wide array of cuisines from all over the world and caters to everyone’s tastes. Such sheer variety has been one of the reasons for their popularity with the viewers, among other things.

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