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Up until recent years, Unni George used to be a construction worker. Disaster struck in 2012 and his life took a turn for the worse; he was diagnosed with a kidney problem. By 2014, both his kidneys suffered failure and as a result he had to undergo surgery for kidney transplant. Faced with the challenge of making ends meet, Unni was determined to not let his health constraints hold him back. He heard about the scope of generating an income from YouTube, and with the help of his friends, he started to explore the possibilities that YouTube could offer.

He started his channel ‘OMKV Fishing and Cooking’ in 2018 as he found a dearth in the number of YouTube channels dedicated to fishing in Kerala and decided to tap into the market. Growth was slow but steady. Within 6 months of starting the channel, he started to make earnings for the first time. As subscribers and views grew, so did his channel and subsequently his earnings too. 

Now Unni George is one of the most sought after YouTubers in Kerala. In addition to fishing, Unni also engages in cooking - either his catch for the day or any of the other popular dishes - to the delight of his viewers. Unni’s story is a shining example of how far sheer grit and a no-quit attitude can take us, if only we put our minds to it.






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