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The main motivator behind Swetha Bhakthan to start a YouTube channel of her own, titled ‘Swetha Bhakthan’, is none other than her mother in law. And Swetha was more than ready to prove her mettle in the Malayali vlogging world. When she started, she aimed to turn it into a food vlog. But she has expanded her channel to essentially cover all of her areas of interests - beauty, makeup, cooking, travel vlogs, shopping hauls and much more. Needless to say, food being one of her biggest passions, she posts an ample amount of videos regarding her cooking experiments, including Konkani specialties, which are relished by fans in earnestness. Her other areas of interest are jewellery and makeup and she regularly posts videos on her jewellery collections, makeup tutorials and beauty tips as well.

She enjoys a generous fan following on her YouTube channel as well as her Instagram and Facebook accounts, not only based on her quality content but for her positive and charming personality. She has been at the receiving end of cyber attacks from internet trolls, but the way she has handled it all is an inspiration to all of us.

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