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His journey from working as a construction worker in the Gulf to where he is today is one riddled with hardships and obstacles, but his ever positive personality and optimistic outlook towards life in facing every difficulty in his way is something everyone can get inspiration from. 

His transition to a YouTube vlogger was also quite unexpected; it started as a necessity, in fact, to attract more customers to his travel agency. Inspired by and with the help of popular YouTube vloggers Sujith Bhakthan and Ratheesh R Menon, he started a YouTube channel in his own name in 2018, to showcase videos of the places he has travelled to. Within three months, the channel garnered 20k subscribers and from then on his growth has been exponential. 

His vlogs initially focused on introducing affordable countries Indians can travel to and/or live in, without burning a hole in their pocket. He has also showcased trips he has undertaken with other popular travel vloggers as well as vlogs on his day-to-day life and experiences as well. 

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