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Just like any other child, ever since he was young he has been crazy about bikes. This love only grew over the years and he bought his first bike when he was 18. He did not realise the importance of responsible driving at that age until he survived his first accident only with the help of his helmet. Since then he has been a staunch advocate about the importance of being a responsible rider and the necessity of wearing protective gear while riding.

After a string of bike accidents came to his attention, he felt the need to spread awareness among the youth on responsible driving. There was a space in the YouTube market for a channel fully devoted to bikes, so he decided to tap into the potential, wherein he struck gold. When he started, he had no intention or expectation of making a living out of it. But when he was able to amass 50k subscribers in just two months, it was the impetus he needed to aim for the stars.

Not just safety and awareness, he also posts videos on bike reviews, tips, unboxing products, general knowledge, and current affairs, trips he has undertaken, etc. He started a second channel ‘Arun Smoki Vlogs’ purely dedicated to his day-to-day life and travel experiences as well as interviews with other YouTube vloggers occasionally.

Apart from his YouTube channel, he also earns an income dealing in second hand premium bikes.






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