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Not your typical travel vlogger, Dona Philip from Thodupuzha, is more a storyteller than a traveller. She shifted to Israel in pursuit of a better life, with a career in the medical field. This simple hearted woman balances her 24*7 career with travelling in her free time. She started her channel in September 2018 as she felt there was a space for a Malayalam channel dedicated to the sights and feel of Israel. She wanted to showcase the hidden gems of Israel in a way easily understood by the layman, in her own natural style of talking. 

Her channel took time to find its footing but once she gained traction, Dona Philip became a hit with Malayalis. What her subscribers love about her is the fact that such a dedicated hard working young woman finds time and energy to vlog about the places and experiences in a culture rich country like Israel, and that she does it all purely out of curiosity and interest. In spite of the difficulties and brickbats she has faced, Dona Philip continues to share her experiences on her channel, exploring and introducing the cultural history and heritage of Israel to us.

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