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She credits her father for inculcating the love of driving in her from such a young age. From Suzuki Max 100 to trucks, lorries, and even transport buses, Athira Murali is probably one of the topmost versatile drivers the State has seen. 

Athira completed her graduation in Bachelor of Computer Applications but motor vehicles being her first love, she enrolled herself to study a short term course on Mechanical Engineering, to know the ins and outs of automobiles. Not just in driving, Athira is also keen on learning how to do basic repairs to automobiles and emphasises that all women drivers should also have basic knowledge on the same. 

As her interest in the field grew, she wanted to pursue it on a professional level - and that is how she got into autocross racing. Ever since 2014, her name has been lighting up the tracks in the autocross circuit in the country. Athira Murali is an autocross racer, off-road racer and a National level winner too. She also does professional stunts on all types of vehicles. Not only into cars, she is also an avid motorcycle enthusiast and actively promotes safe riding culture among women.


Athira Murali started her YouTube channel in 2018 to share her love for automobiles. She posts videos on automobile reviews, her driving skills and stunts, off-roading and travel and is one of the fastest growing YouTubers in her segment.

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