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He was introduced to YouTube during his school days for a project through a teacher of his. Since then, he has not looked back. Dropping his degree midway, Amal Gopal dedicated his time wholly to being a full-time YouTuber and in managing his three channels viz. - ‘Gadgets One Malayalam Tech Tips’, ‘GOM Games’ and ‘Amal Gopal’.

‘Gadgets One Malayalam Tech Tips’ is his pet project, which has given him the most fame and popularity. He does unboxing videos, introduction to new gadgets and technology in the market, tech tips and reviews. He enjoys the most subscribers on this channel as well. Tapping into the growing gaming YouTube market in Kerala, Amal Gopal started a second channel ‘GOM Games’, through which he live streams the games he plays to his viewers. His third channel, self titled ‘Amal Gopal’ is dedicated to his interests, experiences and life.

He is one of the few YouTubers in Kerala who has received criticism and commendation in equally strong doses. His straightforwardness and blunt comments have garnered him enough haters as well, which Amal Gopal feels has been the stimulus he needs for growth.  






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