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Fondly known as Chettayi and Ammuttan, Sumith and Hima have always been interetsed to dip their toes in the entertainment field. That interest prompted them to audition for the reality show and their lives have not been the same ever since. Their dedication and performance won people’s and the judges’ hearts and they ended up being one of the five finalists of the show as well. They have also taken part in another couple reality show Mr and Mrs on Zee Keralam, which has furthered their popularity with their fans in great measure. 

In addition to these shows, Sumith and Hima had struck gold on the social media platform TikTok, before it was banned, as one of its most viral content creator couples. Post the ban they have continued to entertain audiences through their YouTube channel and Instagram accounts too. Their social media platforms features vines, videos, brand promotions, endorsements, photoshoots, 

Sumith’s passion in life is acting and his pursuance of the same has given a handful of roles in Malayalam movies to his name. They have also acted together in a few web series and serials as well.






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