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Annie Yujin has always been a huge proponent of organic farming and cultivation. Her channel ‘Krishi Lokam’ focuses on how one can easily develop and maintain a small farm at one’s home. She also shares a few tips and tricks of agriculture, how to keep pesticides away, how to ensure that your plants provide the best yield as well as the benefits of each and every plant or tree. ‘Krishi Lokam’ is a treasure trove of knowledge for anyone interested in agriculture and gardening.

Annie started her second YouTube channel ‘Tips For Happy Life’ back in 2015 to “share reviews and tips on beauty, makeup, skincare, home remedies, healthy and tasty food and many other things” in her own words. Her channel features videos ranging from ‘healthy snack recipes’ to ‘ways to relieve stress’ to ‘PCOD’ to ‘beauty and makeup tips’ and everything else in between. She believes in the healing power of nature and natural substances and essentially posts videos on how to improve one’s lifestyle in a natural way.

In addition to her YouTube channels, she also runs two websites - Tips for Happy Life and Krishi Lokam - and has accounts in other social media sites as well. 


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