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Teaching and farming are the two passions of Anit Thomas’ life. So it is not surprising that she is  a teacher of Botany at the Co-Operative Public School in Thodupuzha as well as an ardent farmer.

Being from Idukki, her passion for agriculture started at a young age thanks to her parents. She was always interested in helping them in farming and other agricultural activities in and around their home. 

Anit Thomas started vlogging through the YouTube channel ‘LiveKerala’ with the help and support of her husband and brother. Being a staunch advocate of the importance of being self-sufficient in agriculture, the main theme behind her videos are on how to start a small farm in everyone’s homes. She posts informative vlogs on cultivating different types of plants, fruits, vegetables as well as maintaining and keeping indoor plants. She also shares tips and ideas for gardening, how to remove insects in an organic way, preparing organic fertilizers etc.

Her aim is to help everyone get interested in agriculture and that interest is what she aspires to inculcate in all her viewers. 

Even though Anit Thomas is a teacher, the curious mind inside of her is still active - she wishes to visit farms both in India and outside, and learn about the latest technology in agriculture and farming

Becoming a teacher has always been a very strong desire of her’s ever since she was young, which is why she can never leave teaching behind to pursue agriculture full-time. She has found the balance between two of her passions and is living the life she has always wanted.






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