Carbon Credit Project

Why “Carbon Credit Project”? Global warming and climate change are the most alarming issues we face today. Working toward sustainable practices is our only way to save our planet and future generations from the exhaustion of resources and further loss of a livable climate. Stabilizing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from croplands as agricultural demand grows is a critical climate change mitigation strategy. Depending on management, the Agriculture, Forestry, and Other Land Use (AFOLU) sector can be both a source as well as a net sink for carbon. Currently, it contributes 25% of the global anthropogenic carbon emissions. Although India’s emissions from this sector are around 8% of the total national GHG emissions, it can contribute significantly to the country’s aspirations of reaching net-zero emissions by 2070. We Kairali Agriculture MSCS Ltd, through our Carbon Credit Project creates a team of farmers and provides them an opportunity to engage in sustainable farming and to reap the benefits from carbon credits generated from their agricultural lands. Strategies Implemented: • Better Land Use • Better Manure and Fertilizer Management • Agroforestry • Afforestation • Climate Smart farming • Reduce Enteric Emissions • Prevent Biomass Burning • Better Waste Management How it works 1 . Farmers can enrol into the “Carbon Credit Project” through the Kairali Agriculture Multi-State Cooperative Society's website. 2 . Kairali Agriculture Multi State Cooperative Society Ltd. will act as a consultant for maintaining their land and for sustainable farming. 3 . The professional GHG accounting team of Society will quantify and analyse the carbon footprint in the lands. 4 . Design & Execute carbon emission reduction projects and generate GOLD/VERA standard verified carbon credits. 5 . Society trade the carbon credits through voluntary carbon credits exchange or directly to the buyers (international & domestic) 6 . Farmers can improve soil health and will receive cash incentives through carbon credits trading. What is to gain? Carbon credits act as a tool for offsetting greenhouse gas emissions globally. By putting an economic value on the cost of polluting the air, the farmers receive cash incentives for the carbon they sequestrate in their lands through the “CARBON CREDIT PROJECT”. Such an opportunity has many other benefits for the future of farming and nature: • Encourage farmers to adopt methods for sustainable farming • Restore soil health • Growing awareness of carbon credit systems' existence and its advantages • Advanced intercropping and crop rotation.